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Cristina Clara


Lua Adversa

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Cristina Clara, a singer and author originally from the North of Portugal, released her debut album "Lua Adversa" in 2021, distributed by Sony Music and supported by the Fado Museum and National Radio Antena1. Living in Lisbon since 2005, she explores contemporary Lisbon in her first work, drawing inspiration from the ongoing intercultural dialogues she engages in. Since the release of her debut album, Cristina Clara has performed on various stages both nationally and internationally. Notable venues include the Nos Alive Festival, the Trindade Theater in Lisbon, the "Há Fado no Cais" series at the Centro Cultural de Belém, the Atlantic Music Expo in Cape Verde, the Casa de Portugal in São Paulo, Brazil, and the Centre Culturel des Artes Plurièls in Luxembourg.

Versatile and intuitive, it is impossible to fit Cristina Clara into a single genre. Her interpretative skills are the result of a constant dialogue between her own inner world and her circumstance. The album "Lua Adversa" [Adverse Moon] is a musical portrait of this experience.

Cristina Clara is interested in promoting a dialogue between different traditional identities and urban songs, considering them as major expressions of the history and affective heritage of the people.

Her artistic identity is particularly influenced by artists from Portugal, Brazil and Cape Vert.

Her new album, "Lua Adversa" [Adverse Moon] mirrors this experience, namely the approach to Brazilian choro, its affinity with Fado narratives and the rapport with new composers who ignited her own desire to compose and write.

Lua Adversa

Lua Adversa [Adverse Moon], an appropriate name for an album that mirrors the various phases-faces of Cristina Clara and her creative process! Handpicked words, songs that tell stories, and a brilliant team of musicians who, more than accompanying her, were true agents in her path, chosen for their role in the plot.

"I belong to the stars/Who come to teach me/The calendar of this arbitrary fate/And the vagaries of using it..."






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